SPYNEL IR Camera: A Proven Solution for Drone Swarms/Small UAVs Detection & Tracking

25-02-2022 Aesthetix


Surveillance is an increasing concern these days. Everyone wants stringent security and are on the constant lookout for advanced security devices and cameras. It is at this juncture that Aesthetix who always dared to experiment with the most advanced technologies came up with the Spynel camera. Built with the most advanced features including infrared searching and tracking and human detection up to 9 km, Spynel is here to redefine surveillance. 

Features and Characteristics of Spynel Camera

Spynel series surveillance systems comprise 10 models for anyone to choose from. The models are grouped into 5 sensor families respectively. The sensor families are Spynel-X, Spynel-S, Spynel-C, Spynel-U, and Spynel-M. The sensors have been segregated based on the range i.e. short, medium and long. The sensors are known for their tracking capabilities. The system is effective and can track any active movements. It can continue to function even under adverse weather conditions and during the night as well. Our well-trained team of engineers can survey the place and provide guidance regarding the installation in a way that suits the convenience of the clients as well. 

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The Spynel camera can be installed at heights and is known for its unsurpassable performance. It is ideal for usage in Forward Operating Base (FOBs), air and navy bases, oil and gas infrastructures, airports, borders and coasts. The Spynel camera gives timely updates and notifications that let you know of any security breach in advance and help you strategize and plan changes accordingly. The camera is integrated with advanced IR technology that can detect any movements easily and efficiently.

Why Choose Spynel Camera?

The camera comes with Cyclope detection and tracking software with the help of which Spynel Camera guarantees security and safety to the place. 

The features of Spynel-X camera systems include and are not limited to:

  • Infrared Searching and Tracking
  • Integrated with Cooled Mid-wave Infrared Sensor (MWIR)
  • Panoramic Footages with a Resolution of up to 120 MegaPixel
  • Human Detection Range up to 9 km

Strongly designed, the panoramic coverage would keep tracking the area intended without any kind of errors or malfunctions. A single Spynel X is a proven replacement for up to 90 MWIR cameras. Human intrusion detection over 16 km of diameter area, with a resolution of 120 MegaPixel, will strengthen your surveillance systems excellently.

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The Spynel S is also a superior surveillance system. It has a detection range up to 6 km. It has a fully passive thermal sensor because of which it is invisible to intruders and not vulnerable to camouflage nor jamming. This gives Spynel S an added advantage over the radar technology. 

HGH, a worldwide leader in optronics business and technologies takes wide-area surveillance to the next level. With their unique expertise in optronic systems and infrared technologies, HGH focuses on innovative technologies and high-value-added application niches at a global scale. Their global optronics surveillance solution comprises an extensive range of SPYNEL 360° IR sensors that detect automatic intrusion and tracking. Aesthetix leverages these innovatively crafted Spynel systems to help protect varied industries from all kinds of aerial threats.

Now, stop worrying about security breaches and notch up your safety and security with Aesthetix. The Spynel Camera is here to guard you. Connect with us to install yours. 

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