• 3-Dimensional Design
  • Layout study
  • Lux study calculations
  • Noise study
  • Traffic pattern
  • Environmental studies
  • Anti static Raised floor
  • Wall paneling
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Glass works
  • Lighting and controls
  • HVAC Design
  • Technical desks
  • Reflected ceiling
  • Blast Proof buildings
  • Land Scape
  • Dynamic Lighting

Control Room Design & Construction

Control rooms design and execution solutions are essential for companies to resourcefully and successfully supervise multiple information streams and make mission-critical decisions accurately. With advancement of technology there are an ever-increasing number of content sources and applications to monitor. Besides, one is expected to integrate and collaborate the information to indentify meaningful trends. Control rooms need to enable system management that is efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time extending maximum comfort to the operator.


    Today several organisational functions like supervising, decision-making, reacting, managing & controlling, collaborating, or communicating are greatly dependent on control room solutions. It has become an essential aspect of daily operations, facilitating work efficiency and better decision-making. Energy plants, transportation, oil and gas industries and defence can largely profit from ergonomically designed control room solutions in many ways including sprucing process facilities for surveillance, for command and control, traffic management, emergency response and for broadcasting distribution monitoring.

    Our Industrial Consoles are custom manufactured meeting ISO 11064 and ISO 9241 standards. All consoles follow stringent manufacturing quality standards to meet the Seismic and Fire tests as well as the Factory Acceptance Tests prior to shipping of materials. At Aesthetix the control rooms and audiovisuals are all customised and designed using state-of-the-art technology. Our salient features include -

    • Top-of-the-line performance and dependability – Aestheix AV systems and video wall display solutions are built with sophisticated technologies, guaranteeing high reliability, excellent image and audio reproduction and long life.
    • Purpose-built solutions for each customer’s specific needs – Our control rooms are built keeping in mind the minute requisites of each client. NO two control rooms are the same as we understand that no two clients will have the exact same requirements.
    • Lower operation costs and Maintenance ease – We focus on keeping the operations costs at a bare minimum for our clients. Our control rooms are designed and built using high-quality and durable materials that are virtually maintenance-free. All raw materials from flooring, side panelling, ceiling, lighting (Static and Dynamic), etc. are shortlisted from renowned manufacturers.



Control room solutions are designed to facilitate the efficient monitoring, management, and control of intricate processes, systems, or operations within an organization. Control rooms function as a central hub where operators can gain real-time access to data, visualize essential information, and make decisions to ensure the efficient and secure operation of various processes.

The key components of a control room solution are a centralized monitoring system for viewing and managing the systems, situational awareness solutions for obtaining updated and comprehensive data at any point in time, automation systems for acting automatically in certain situations, and tracking system elements for recordkeeping and maintaining data logs.

Automation of intricate tasks, consistent data monitoring with all the info available in real-time, and meticulous operational activities offered by control room solutions can offer a seamless production cycle, systematic processes, streamlined operations, and quick decision-making support. Thus making the production more cost-effective than before, besides improving business growth and reduced operational expenditure.

The industries that can benefit from implementing control room solutions include manufacturing, oil & gas, and renewable energy. power generation, aerospace, chemical industry, mining, automotive, pharmaceutical, and telecom.

The main features and functionalities of a control room solution include display management systems, data analytics solutions, incident management controls, digital integration tools, emergency alert systems, multi-domain capabilities, remote access control, and higher management reporting solutions.

Yes. Definitely, a control room can be tailored or customized to suit the requirements and specific needs of a system. The controls, operational elements, and software can be integrated based on the requirements projected by the client.

The support and maintenance services available for control room solutions include technology for remote monitoring and diagnostics of the control room solutions, on-site defect investigation and resolution means, predictive-preventive-corrective maintenance measures, options for scalability, 24x7 technical support, emergency procedures, and troubleshooting services.

Stating a general timeframe for implementing a control room solution is not possible. The time taken for designing the systems, integrating solutions, installing components, training the operators and maintainers, and conducting trials of the system differs depending on the size and complexity of the system. It may take up to 12 weeks for the implementation of control room solutions.

The cost considerations for implementing a control room solution will include designing costs, hardware costs, software designing, developing, and licencing costs, training costs for the staff who would be operating and maintaining the control room solution, installation expenses, maintenance costs, and servicing costs.

Identifying the requirements is the basis for designing control room solutions. The tools, operational features, and systems would directly depend on the requirements identified. Market research is the next step, in which options available have to be compared vis-à-vis budget availability, features offered, and performance.