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From the largest offshore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure to complex rails and metro systems, people of Aesthetix are committed to offering smart and innovative solutions to all major assets of the world.

As a world class technology integrator and ergonomics consultant in the industrial sector, we offer integrated solutions that bring our clients greater capital efficiency with improved cost and schedule certainty and strive to make the world a more people’s friendly place.

In a short span of 15 years Aesthetix has delivered innovative solutions to real time problems faced by clients in various industries. From designing intricate rail and metro systems to building the largest off-shore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure, Aesthetix has proved its mettle of superior design, out-of-the box thinking and effective problem-solving.

Management has ensured its quality objectives are established and communicated within the company.Aesthetix is committed to have all its operations safe and protected against all hazards affecting occupational safety & health of its employees.

Aesthetix maintains the highest standard of ethics and compliance in all business transactions. It promotes, propagates and adheres to appropriate, ethical, impartial, and fair manner, doing away with the slightest of offensiveness.

Aesthetix, a reputed consultant is now more than a decade year old and is one of the leading design and engineering house, focused on control rooms and ergonomics.


Detailed engineering is one of the many capabilities and deliverables to our clients.Aesthetix’s projects are engineered to cover every aspect related to the project in terms of drawings, design reports and calculations.

Aesthetix is involved in every step of the service including planning, coordination, scheduling and cost control, to design, construction and commissioning of the client’s project.

Aesthetix has a dynamic supply chain team that provides customers with global procurement, contracts services and project specific products that are unmatched in the industry.

At Aesthetix our dedicated Integration Team has expertise in assembling, integrating and testing complex equipments and large turnkey projects. With an in-house facility to assemble, configure and test projects of large magnitudes, we have a dedicated Custom Integrated Centre (CIC) located in Dubai equipped with all necessary resources to assemble, interconnect and integrate systems using best practices and approved engineering designs that are customized for our clients.

At Aesthetix we have a dedicated field technical services department that handles on-site construction and commissioning activities and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT).

Training is a critical component in the provision of system installation and helps getting maximum from client investment as well as keeping operations running smoothly. Aesthetix uses industrial best practices while designing, manufacturing and setting up systems.

At Aesthetix we have a team of proficient engineers offering 360 degree engineering maintenance services to our clients. Operational emergencies and unscheduled downtime are detrimental in business and result in costing a small fortune.

At Aesthetix we offer holistic solutions that guarantee efficiency, accuracy and safety to our clients and their assets. With a skilled and proficient project management and design team, we have fulfilled the most demanding engineering and project requirements in the global oil and gas industry – from offshore rigs to onshore refineries, pipelines and distribution centres.

At Aesthetix communication solutions can improve the safety of employees, visitors, passengers alike while complying with regulatory requirements.

At Aesthetix we are committed to building highly sophisticated and secure defence forces for nations. We offer 360 degree support in engineering, design, supply and implementation for strategic benefit to air, land, naval and joint forces.

At Aesthetix we are supporting the cause of ‘Green Energy’ or renewable energy. Sources of such energy produce no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduce carbon footprint across the globe.

Aesthetix is a highly qualified telecommunication solutions provider with all-embracing experience and global capabilities, specializing in turnkey telecom projects for the oil and gas industry.

As a leader in the fixed network field, Aesthetix supports comprehensive business innovation through a full suite of network transport products; Converged Packet Optical Transport System, Backbone DWDM Systems, Metro WDM Systems and Packet Transport.

Aesthetix global a cloud-based technology that allows everyone on the site team to access actual and real time visual data of the asset that can be compared, tracked and monitored at any historical point of time. This ensures that any defect or deviation in health can be identified and attended to in time.

Ergonomics is an essential offering by Aesthetix where we customise designs and arrange workplaces, products and systems in a way that they improve productivity of the people who use them.

Control rooms design and execution solutions are essential for companies to resourcefully and successfully supervise multiple information streams and make mission-critical decisions accurately.


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