Autonomous Dump Trucks Solutions

    Autonomous systems have been making waves, especially in hazardous sectors where human safety is at risk. Dump trucks, integrated with an autonomous navigation system, have become a highly accepted companion for the mining sector and other industries. Human involvement and the necessity for employees to load and move goods can be avoided by employing autonomous dump trucks. Thus ensuring safety and, at the same time, obtaining optimum productivity.

    Quality-proven autonomous dump trucks with a foolproof system are vital for preventing operational lacunae, technical glitches, and other issues that will impact productivity. The recurrent failure of the system or its components can affect the performance of the company.

    Aesthetix offers advanced autonomous dump trucks with top-notch systems integrated. Being used by several renowned industries around the globe, we have been helping customers transform their dump trucks into autonomous trucks using our hardware and technology.

    Autonomous Dump Trucks for Mining Industry

    Mining is one of the most dangerous industries. Threat looms over miners constantly. Companies around the world have been contemplating methodologies to reduce the possibilities of accidents and fatalities. Advanced telecommunication systems, sensors incorporated with futuristic technology, and ergonomic designs have been the core elements that have been instrumental in enhancing the safety of mines.

    The development of autonomous dump trucks is a prominent step in this direction. It can navigate autonomously, without human control, with the help of sensors on board. Further, remote navigation is also possible, with a controller monitoring the movement and directing it as per the requirements.

    Presently, the availability of high-speed internet and innovative systems has transformed the whole concept. Real-time communication and satellite navigation of the autonomous dump truck is possible nowadays. In fact, all the leading entities in the mining sector have already started using or are considering ordering autonomous dump trucks.

    The autonomous dump truck will aid in:

    • Optimized production
    • Functioning of the industry irrespective of the climatic scenario
    • Safety of the miners
    • Cost-effective operations

    Features of Autonomous Dump Trucks

    Autonomous dump trucks have been designed after comprehensive studies and research. Intended to function in important fields where human intervention may be limited, the truck has some exclusive features.

    The features an autonomous dump truck would normally have include:

    • Automatic interaction: Automatic interaction between the dump trucks, as well as the control centre and the dump truck, preclude ambiguity, eliminates the possibility of collision, and ensures the smooth operation of the trucks.
    • Collision Detection and Obstacle Detection: The collision detection system on board becomes active whenever the autonomous dump truck is coming close to another vehicle or any heavy obstruction.
    • Emergency Stop Switch: The autonomous dump truck can be stopped instantly during emergency conditions.

    For more discussion on the features available on autonomous dump trucks, you may ping us now.

    Systems and Controls Onboard Autonomous Dump Trucks

    The systems and control in an autonomous dump truck include:

    • Control box with all the sensors and system components installed
    • Navigation system support
    • Security systems
      Onboard data transmission system
    • Remote sensing system
    • Scanning system for recognizing the surrounding
    • Diagnostic systems
    • Mechanical control systems

    Why is it Best to Use Autonomous Dump Trucks?

    Many of the leading companies that work in the mining sector use autonomous dump trucks. Furthermore, Aesthetix has delivered advanced autonomous dump trucks to several leading entities around the globe. That, too, came from different sectors. The key factors that make organizations opt for autonomous dump trucks include:

    • Save on budget
    • Cost-effective operations
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Optimum safety for employees
    • Consistent performance
    • Constant production
    • High efficiency

    Benefits of Using Autonomous Dump Trucks

    The benefits of using autonomous dump trucks include:

    • Autonomous dump trucks do not have any physical limitations. They can work around the clock every day. With minimal maintenance requirements, downtime is also much less.
    • Reliable functioning with state-of-the-art systems installed on board. With proven control systems in place, there is no need to be concerned about accidents or defects.
      As it is said, to err is human. Autonomous dump trucks can offer error-free functioning.
    • It would boost overall productivity phenomenally.
    • Highly efficient operations.
    • Human intervention is not required for the operation. Hence, the manpower requirements may be reduced significantly. Thereby saving on budget.
    • Workers can stay away from hazardous work sites. Autonomous dump trucks can be used there to undertake loading, unloading, and moving works.

    Aesthetix – Offering You the Best Autonomous Dump Trucks

    Aesthetix has been a leading firm offering diverse services. We have a strong presence worldwide, delivering products and providing dedicated support dedicatedly. Aesthetix offers to transform your dump trucks into autonomous trucks using our innovative hardware and technology. The autonomous dump trucks installed with futuristic systems and powered by state-of-the-art digital technology will enhance productivity and boost business growth. Besides reducing production costs significantly.

    We have been serving key players from different industries around the globe. Their consistent support has been the fuel for our growth as one of the best telecom system integrators, ergonomics study experts, and advanced system providers.

    You may reach out to us for converting your dump trucks into the best-quality autonomous dump trucks. Message us or call us for more discussion in this regard.