"Welcome to Aesthetix. For over 15 years, Aesthetix's growth is amazing. Thanks to the relentless pursuit to achieve perfection in all verticals. Our content customers are the testimony to this..."

About Us
Aesthetix Global

As a world class technology integrator and ergonomics consultant in the industrial sector, we offer integrated solutions that bring our clients greater capital efficiency with improved cost and schedule certainty and strive to make the world a more people’s friendly place. Our services are designed to offer a 360 degree outlook with planning, conceptual design, launch and operations. Aesthetix as the name suggests is the beauty of design. As pioneers in the field of, technology, control room solutions, ergonomics and project management we integrate holistic solutions empowering our clients with capital efficiency and a sustainable system of performance and growth. For more than a decade, Aesthetix has served clients across industries like; oil & gas, power & water, defence, marine and transport around the globe and transformed the way business is done. With headquarters in Dubai, Aesthetix has a skilled team with experience that matters to deliver mission critical solutions in challenging business environments and meeting tough industry norms to perfection.

Our Journey

Innovation is in our DNA. Originally founded in 2004 to develop high tech audio visual systems, Aesthetix has come a long way leaving strong footprints of innovation in a short span of time. From the critical oil and gas sector to developing cutting-edge technologies in telecommunications, creating control room systems to designing a more efficient and productive ecology through ergonomics we have been a part of innumerable success stories since our launch into the market. Over the years, we have developed a considerable client base consisting of large infrastructure based companies, petrochemical refineries, corporates, as well as leading world class airports to name a few. With the right ethos and passion our team of experts have built an eco-system of excellence, customer-centricity and innovation across the globe providing solutions and service in any part of the world.