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“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Assembly, Integration & Fat

At Aesthetix our dedicated Integration Team has expertise in assembling, integrating and testing complex equipments and large turnkey projects. With an in-house facility to assemble, configure and test projects of large magnitudes, we have a dedicated Custom Integrated Centre (CIC) located in Dubai equipped with all necessary resources to assemble, interconnect and integrate systems using best practices and approved engineering designs that are customized for our clients. Nowadays, multidiscipline system integrators are mandatory to properly design and integrate with various systems including communications networks, systems interoperability, and communications protocols. Moreover, the recent explosion of information systems has increased project complexity. The Aesthetix team dedicated to building systems work according to specifications, meet client needs and seamlessly adapt to the customer’s existing process and business practices. Deploying networks for mission critical application mandates that the systems are built with highest quality standards and process. Attention to smallest details such as cable routing, labelling etc is ensured to achieve high set quality of workmanship.

    Service Credentials

    • Examining the existing client network, data pathways infrastructure and procedures
    • Identifying the current system deficiencies and details of customer needs
    • Determining the system interfaces, including current and available hardware interfaces and protocols to the system devices
    • Identifying project risks and creating mitigation plans
    • Indulging in world class best practises
    • Creating reliable and seamless testing methodology with the highest degree of customer involvement and satisfaction