Aesthetix Automated Drilling Solutions

    Aesthetix offers autonomous drilling solutions. With this state-of-the-art equipment, you can enhance safety, boost productivity, elevate the output, and, at the same time, reduce operational expenditures. Furthermore, automated drilling solutions can be employed even in hazardous zones. By doing so, you can ensure the safety of the workers.

    Features of Fully Autonomous Drilling Solutions

    Autonomous drilling solutions have become a necessity rather than a convenience, especially for industries like mining. The features of fully autonomous drills include:

    • Fully autonomous guidance between designed holes: Manual drilling requires experienced hands to determine the hole position and calculate the depth of each hole. Inconsistency in either can lead to reduced efficiency and decreased productivity. Mining firms have been encountering this complex issue for a long time. They all needed experts to calculate the hole's position and depth. An autonomous dripping solution resolves this issue perfectly. The fully autonomous guidance between designed holes offers an efficient and highly productive mining process.
    • Autonomous levelling before blasting and maintaining the level during blasting: Manual drilling has serious limitations, as we have seen in the previous point. Another common issue faced during the mining process is the inconsistency of levelling. An experienced mining professional must spend a significant amount of time inspecting the site, evaluating the positions, and adjusting the levelling. Autonomous drilling resolves this problem by offering consistent automatic levelling, which can be undertaken even while blasting.
    • Automatic start of drilling after guidance: schedule the drilling in advance with the autonomous drilling solution. There is no need to be present at the site or wait until the time for starting the drilling process comes. The levelling and drilling can be preset. The machine will start its operation at the predefined time. The levelling and drilling would be accurate, as fed by the controller of the autonomous drill.
    • Advanced collision prevention system: The collision prevention system on board the autonomous drilling solution functions with the aid of sensors. The sensors provide a 3-D view of the surroundings. The machine can detect other vehicles, objects, and persons in its vicinity. The sensors would provide input accordingly, and the movement of the autonomous drilling machine is controlled based on the same.
    • Automatic bench edge detecting: The automatic drilling machine has sensors that monitor the movement continuously. It would stop automatically and perform corrective actions in case of any possibility of falling over cliffs or slopes. The bench edge detection precludes any such possibility.
    • Automatic synchronization of the drill fleet on a bench: All the autonomous drilling solutions would be synchronized during their functioning, as well as when they are parked in the parking lot.

    Continuous video surveillance of the area being drilled: The autonomous drilling solutions are installed with video surveillance cameras. With the cameras transmitting footage continuously, the operators, controllers, and headquarters can have a clear view of the drilling process as well as the mining area.

    Benefits of Fully Autonomous Drills

    Fully autonomous drilling solutions offer several advantages. Those are increased productivity, cost-effective functioning, reduced downtime, a smooth drilling process even during adverse climatic conditions, and a safe working environment, primarily. The benefits of fully autonomous drills are:

    • Increased efficiency of the team: Autonomous drilling is faster, more accurate, and more effective than human drilling. With the automated drilling process in place, there is no need to employ workers in dangerous zones. The employer can train a group of handpicked workers on the operation of autonomous drilling machines and get the work done quite efficiently. The workforce can avoid dusty working conditions and vibrations caused by drilling by operating the automatic machine from a remote location.
    • Increased productivity: As you can understand, the autonomous drilling machine uses sensors and advanced digital technology for levelling and positioning. Unlike in the case of manual drilling, the work is precise with electronic devices using state-of-the-art technology. This offers phenomenally increased productivity. Companies that use autonomous drilling machines can expect a better outcome than in the case of manual drilling.
    • Reduces over-drilling significantly: Over-drilling and consequent re-drilling are common things during the manual drilling process. Now, imagine the manpower, energy, and time wasted due to over-drilling and re-drilling. Autonomous drilling reduces over-drilling by at least up to 90%. Thereby improving the speed of the work and slashing the wastage of time, energy, and manpower.
    • Increases availability ratio: Human beings have limitations on working continuously. Moreover, health conditions can affect their availability for work, besides other issues like familial conditions. There are no such constraints when you use autonomous drilling solutions. What you need is minimal maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer. The machine would continue functioning without any qualms or technical defects.
    • Increases rolling cutter bit running life: Autonomous drilling functions evenly, without causing jerks, shocks, or unwanted lateral movements. The uniform functioning and the precise drilling process increase the rolling cutter bit running life. The need to replace the rolling cutter bit would occur only after optimal usage.

    Aesthetix offers you futuristic autonomous drilling solutions integrated with advanced technology. We are the trusted supplier of automatic drilling machines to several leading entities around the globe.

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