Data Centralization on A Single Platform For Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

30-05-2022 Aesthetix

A spectrum of technologies is used for maintaining data, complying with scheduled analysis, preparing statistical reports, and implementing corrective as well as predictive maintenance. Consolidating and integrating the information from various sources is a complex task. It is imperative to establish a centralized data management system, incorporating innovative technologies, to ensure a smooth operation.

Some of the commonly observed lacunae concerning centralized data management have been:

  • Inaccurate data causes miscalculations
  • Duplication of values
  • Low productivity due to the need to gather data from a number of sources
  • Administrative issues owing to the complications involved in data collection and analysis

Data centralization on a single platform pipeline leak detection system is the proven solution to alleviate the flaws.

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Common Issues that Arise in Data Silos that Affect Pipeline Integrity

Every organization aims to enhance productivity by using the latest technology. The specific software specs and additional requirements associated with the usage of the subject software cause unwarranted time delays. One of the most common issues is converting the data into the format preferred by the software. As a cascading effect, the functioning of the pipeline leak detection system would be affected, leading to inconsistent performance.

Independent silos result in:

  • Low Productivity: In-line Inspection data (ILI data) is central to all the maintenance, repair, and replacement tasks. Delays in providing ILI data to the management, planning, or maintenance team will cause low productivity. Unsatisfied clients and unexpected defects are the most common problems that arise from this.  
  • Erroneous Data: Different teams would be creating data silos in their own format, using independently formulated ways. Erroneous or inconsistent data is the outcome of such a working method. Consequently, it would become difficult for the core team to evaluate the exact condition of pipeline systems. Data centralization on a single platform for pipeline leak detection systems is effective in preventing this issue.
  • Credibility of Data: Different types of tools, calculation methods, and software can create ambiguity in the data collected. Many times, the data might be missing. A comprehensive calculation and evaluation would become a herculean task for the company due to this.

Centralized data for pipeline leak detection systems can aid in resolving all of the above. The companies can achieve the target by choosing a futuristic data centralization platform.

Data Centralization on a Single Platform for Pipeline Leak Detection

The availability of all the requisite info in a single click is a blessing for pipeline leak detection in the oil and gas industry. Its technical teams can proceed with defect analysis and rectification with precise data available from a reliable source.  

More than just provision of data, the centralized platform can:

  • Offer state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities to predict the varying possibilities, including the probability of defects
  • Aid in compiling data from different sources and extracting the exact info required
  • Identification of data gaps
  • Assessment of quality and performance issues
  • Evaluation of technical glitches in the pipeline systems

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Advantages of Data Centralization on a Single Platform for Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Besides the benefits mentioned in the previous section, data centralization is known to offer other advantages.

No Need for Separate Data Silos

A centralized platform, incorporated with modern data science and machine learning software, evades the need for separate data silos. Different teams in the company can access the data simultaneously and determine the measures ahead. Assisting in the creation of a dig schedule for exhaustive planning, the platform plays a pivotal role. Threat analysis algorithms will eliminate the need to invest more man-hours in inspection activities.

Accurate Info on Fingertips

A centralized pipeline detection platform is cost-effective, as well as, accurate. Incorrect data can negatively affect the performance of the company, causing high operation costs and unsatisfied clients.

Provision of a Comprehensive Idea

Comprehensive information from the ILI, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and assessment would be available on the centralized platform. In turn, the technical team can obtain a detailed review report of the complete pipeline system.

The Conclusion

Data centralization on a single platform for pipeline leak detection systems offers synchronized systematic, and seamless performance. The engineers can identify threats effectively and institute measures in time to preclude system failures. It helps in the decision-making and formulation of corrective actions.

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