Starlink, Elon Musk’s Dream Project Commences Operation

10-05-2023 Aesthetix

Elon Musk has been pushing his ambitious project, Starlink for quite some time now. A state-of-the-art internet project that would connect even remote rural areas. This project under the SpaceX initiative has started functioning in selected regions in the US, Canada, and a few other places. Considering the momentum, the Starlink internet would arrive at every corner of the world soon. As per Musk, Starlink will reach every region around the globe, except the poles, by August this year.

How Does Starlink Work?

A constellation of more than 4,200 satellites is the pivotal element behind Starlink. The signals broadcast from the ground stations are captured by the satellites. After receiving the signals, the satellites will transmit the data to the relevant users on Earth.

This project has been ongoing since 2015. However, it entered the initial operational phase with the launch of prototype satellites in 2018. Thousands of satellites were deployed subsequently. The total number of satellites in the Starlink constellation crossed 4200 with the latest launch in March.

Starlink would start serving consumers on all seven continents once it started full-fledged operations. At the same time, the service provider has been encountering a severe backlog with numerous applicants around the globe awaiting its service. For a proper, foolproof service around the world, Starlink would need a constellation of at least 10,000 satellites. Reports indicate that Elon Musk is working in this direction.

How Can You Connect With Starlink?

Getting a connection is not difficult if Starlink has started service in your region. One can apply for internet service online. Once approved, the consumer will receive a Starlink kit for setting up the internet. The kit comprises a satellite dish, a dish mount, and a WiFi router unit. The satellite dish can be set to receive signals from the constellation by choosing a specified bandwidth and other relevant specs.

The company executives are expected to assist the user in setting up the satellite dish and router. Nevertheless, it may take some time for the project to function flawlessly with all the backlogs removed.

Who Is It For?

Although Starlink is going to be available across the world, it is ideal for those locations where connectivity has been an issue. Rural or remote locations in which traditional internet hasn’t reached or has been poor, with frequent problems, would benefit more from Starlink than urban regions.

It does not require complex infrastructure or cable laying, as in the case of a normal internet connection. The signals would reach directly to the user’s home. This means there are no connection breakage concerns. The requirement of physically laying cables through difficult terrain is also eliminated with this satellite-to-home technology.

How Much Does Starlink Cost?

As said before, Starlink is available in selected regions in the US, Canada, etc. The connection is provided on a first-come basis. Those who have booked the connection with a $99 deposit will receive the connection when their turn comes. Connection requests are pouring in, and several consumers are on the waitlist for the connection. Making it a tedious task for the service providers to offer connectivity. It is presumed that the backlogs might be cleared by the end of 2023.

The initially announced charges for Starlink internet connections were $99 plus tax and fee per month and $499 for the satellite dish kit. Contradictory to the expectation that the charges would come down, the charges were increased in March of last year to $110 and $599. Paying $110 per month for an internet connection is not preferable in the present scenario. That too, when internet connections of better speed are available.

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Concerns Regarding Starlink Connectivity?

SpaceX or Elon Musk couldn’t fully clarify the concerns surrounding Starlink connectivity. Internet availability may be interrupted during bad weather scenarios, such as winter climatic conditions. Snow can be real trouble for Western countries when using this internet connection. Those performing important tasks online may have to keep a standby system to use if the connection is disrupted due to bad weather.

The Starlink FAQ section directs users to install the Starlink dish in a position where snow is not accumulated. Thus preventing possible interruptions that may lead to connectivity issues. By doing this, speed concerns and outages in rare conditions can be largely avoided, the company states.

Future Of Starlink

The future of Starlink is definitely bright, with many users around the globe awaiting it. It may face stark competition from the leading players in the global arena. How Elon Musk overcomes those challenges and eradicates connectivity issues due to climatic conditions will determine the future of Starlink.

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