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Telecom System integration Services

    The role of telecom system integration in the UAE for the oil & gas industry encompasses the provision of end-to-end solutions for telecommunication, fire & gas detection systems. We at Aesthetix, provide turnkey solutions and engineering services for all your telecom needs including but not limited to integration of multiplatform systems and comprehensive reliable solutions for monitoring and maintenance of pipelines.

    Aesthetix is the leading telecom system integrator in UAE for oil and gas industry rendering large scale offshore, onshore and pipeline communication projects. We have extensive experience in rendering a wide range of services catering to the telecom needs of the oil & gas industry such as project management, procurement, logistics, design, engineering, construction, SAT, etc. Our vast experience as a telecom system integrator and engineering service provider in UAE helps us tackle any challenges or demands that come our way and we have the resources to satisfy telecom solution requirements at the local, national and international levels. 

    Connecting telecommunications safely, economically and without risk

    We at Aesthetix are committed towards rendering telecom system integration services and solutions that are safe, economical and risk free. We are first and foremost innovators, devoted to finding telecom integration solutions that do not compromise on security, safety, sustainability, efficiency and economy. We have gained respect and reputation for our innovative and dynamic solutions, developed with the help of exploiting the latest technologies that ensure minimal risk and costs.

    Telecom System Integration in Oil & Gas Sector

    Aesthetix is a highly qualified telecommunication solutions provider with all-embracing experience and global capabilities, specializing in turnkey telecom projects for the oil and gas industry. For over 10 years we have been in the forefront of developing communication solutions, focusing on efficient, safe and profitable operations for our customers.

    DWDM / OTN

    Aesthetix employs the characteristics of DWDM to carry IP, ATM, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet at different speeds over an optical channel. This offering ensures our Customers’ requirements to have high bandwidth are future ready.

    SDH / PDH

    With a variety of transmission speeds available, Aesthetix clearly understands each project requirements to deploy world class SDH/PDH systems from onshore plants and pipeline infrastructure to offshore installations.

    LAN / WAN

    Aesthetix utilizes its expertise in providing tailor made solutions from simple local networks to technologies involving MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay and X.25 for connectivity over longer distances and geographical locations.

    Structure Cabling

    Passive elements and IPLMS solutions are in safe hands when it comes to Aesthetix to deliver robust, future proof ca


    Aesthetix analyses the needs of the client and provide cost effective solutions, conducts in house coverage studies in delivering the complete portfolio of radio solution including Marine, Aeronautical, MPT1327 and Tetra Systems.


    Aesthetix ensures that our Customers are connected in the remotest of locations utilizing Satellite communication. Based on bandwidth limitations and existing Submarine (or land based) FO infrastructure, our solution caters for a redundant communication link for critical services.

    PABX & Hotline

    Regardless of whether Customer requires a VOIP or analog or hybrid telephone switching system or hotline functionality, Aesthetix engineers are at hand to devise best fit solutions and deploy field equipment for hazardous areas and central PBX systems with interfaces to other sub systems.

    CATV / Entertainment

    Aesthetix understands that Customers takes the welfare of their personnel seriously and our Project Leads ensures that “the extra step” is taken to provide for world class entertainment solution including the traditional SMATV and IPTV.

    Central Clock Systems

    Aesthetix provides a central control of all clocks used in public transport applications and synchronization for electronical systems. Our system comprises of a GPS-based central clock unit and analog and digital clocks connected to it that are synchronised to electronic systems such as Emergency Announcement, CCTV and Passenger Information.

    Security & Safety


    Aesthetix extensive portfolio of analog/IP/hybrid CCTV portfolio for safe and hazardous environments combined with 3rd party integration via ONVIF and other subsystems ensures that our Customers are spoilt for choice. In house coverage studies are prepared for ease of conceptualizing the effectiveness of offered CCTV system.

    Access Control Systems

    Aesthetix engineers provide world class physical access control systems inclusive of human access and vehicular access to its Customers. Be it standard door control or turnstile or crash rated (PAS/ K12 rated) vehicular access, Aesthetix offers unparalleled technology expertise.

    Public Address General Alarm

    Be it simple announcement systems or complex A+B redundant systems with field equipment placed in hazardous environments, Aesthetix always has the solution to ensure that the safety of the Customer’s personnel are taken care of. In house coverage studies are prepared taking into account all parameters to identify adequacy of the field equipment.


    Industrial Intercom Systems with integration capabilities to other subsystems including PAGA and PABX based on Customer requirements is offered by Aesthetix. Our offering includes either Video+Audio or only Audio solutions that can be either analog or IP based.

    Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

    Aesthetix portfolio includes a very wide range of Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems, which could be broadly mechanical based or electronics based. The Electronics based PIDS systems include Fibre-based and leaky cable detection systems that can be buried, mesh wall mount, etc. Additionally, ancillaries for gate controls like PIR and microwave products are also offered.

    Navigational Aids

    Aesthetix offers different Navigational Aids specific to marine applications inclusive of RADAR, AIS, RACON, Non-Directional Beacons, Berthing Aids, GMDSS to its Customers requiring expertise in offshore environment.

    Leak Detection

    Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology is one of the key technologies utilized by Aesthetix Engineers to design and install FO based Pipeline Leak Detection Systems. Due diligence is taken into the design criteria and configuration to include various parameters like temperature difference, pressure difference, noise, etc. to eliminate false alarms.

    Weather Monitoring

    Aesthetix understands the importance of offshore assets of a client like a platform and to see climatic/ environmental data in real time to take mitigation plans as and when required. Various sensors (inclusive of hazardous area compliant) are used to analyze this data including Temperature, Pressure, Solar Radiation, Buoyancy, Precipitation, etc.

    Clocking Systems

    One of the most important part of multiple systems that are simultaneously functioning at a Customer location is to have them time stamped in unison. Although, Clocking Systems may be used for Master/ Slave combinations in Transport sector, the importance is much higher in the Energy sector where-in not only the Telecom, Safety and Security systems are synchronized, but almost all assets of the Customer are time driven by the Clocking System offered by Aesthetix.

    Security Management System

    Growth in technology has increased the number of subsystems that a Customer uses and understanding the limitations of Operators to take care of multiple systems on different platform, Aesthetix realizes the need to have all systems to be on a single platform; hence, the Security management System offering to our Customers.

    Visual Flame Detection

    The Dräger Flame 5000 is an imaging based explosion proof flame detector. This visual flame detection system uses digital image processing and advanced algorithms to process and interpret flame characteristics. This principle offers an extended field of view and fewer false alarms. Each detector is equipped with a colour CCTV camera.


Telecom system integration is the process of integrating or uniting all the systems, accessories, and components into a mutually cohesive single structure. In effect, the system functions more efficiently. Providing a consistent, seamless, and convenient telecom system setup. The telecom system integration unifies virtual data stored in systems, software tailored to meet the requirements, applications for the telecom system, and databases.

Telecom system integration is undertaken to ensure that all the systems function in tandem. The harmony created by the system integration enhances productivity, provides transparency, and delivers a foolproof communication setup. The main objective of telecom system integration has been to streamline the settings, make a robust system, and provide a proper communication channel internally as well as with third-party organizations.

Basically, there are four types of telecom system integration: legacy system integration, third-party system integration, enterprise application integration, and business-to-business integration.

Telecom system integration delivers a seamless communication setup internally and externally, establishes a streamlined communication system, and improves productivity with all the data available to the relevant teams.

Telecom system integration necessitates an experienced telecom system integrator with expertise in the field. Integration may become a tough task to complete if the organization is using legacy or monolithic systems. Identifying the right telecom system integration tool or application might become an uphill task, especially if you do not have a clear idea about it. Picking the best telecom system integrator can help overcome these challenges effectively.