Aesthetix Going Green: Energy Conservation Strategies

17-12-2022 Aesthetix

The world is implementing measures to reduce the carbon footprint that is rapidly destroying the biosphere. As a responsible entity, we at Aesthetix have formulated exclusive working principles and production processes to maintain a reduced carbon footprint as well as limit energy consumption.

Energy Conservation Strategies Explored by Aesthetix

As one of the first multinational companies in the region to go ahead with tailored energy conservation strategies, we have come a long way. Not many can claim such a pragmatic approach to energy conservation and environmental protection.

The strategies we have successfully instituted are elaborated on in this article.

  • Exploration of Alternative Energy Sources: Controlling the dependency on fossil fuels has been the first step we have taken. Focusing on the usage of green energy, or energy from renewable sources, as much as we can.

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  • Reducing E-waste and Reusing of Items: E-waste is becoming one of the biggest threats to greenery around. People’s habit of dumping electronic appliances once they become defective is of utmost concern. Consequently, millions of tons of e-waste are accumulated around the world. The emissions from e-waste are harmful not only to the environment but also to all living beings. Carcinogens from e-waste emissions are a cause of fatal ailments like Cancer. With a dedicated attitude towards reducing e-waste from our end, we have been recycling items as much as possible. Besides, repair and reuse the equipment, accessories, and tools. We dispose of the items properly as per standard practices only when they cannot be recovered and reused.
  • Usage of LEDs at All Our Worksites and Offices: Aesthetix considers it our duty to play our part in going green by conserving energy. All our production centers, commercial spaces, offices, and worksites are installed with LEDs. All the incandescent lamps have been replaced with LED lights of the best quality, significantly reducing our power consumption as opposed to using traditional lights.
  • Paperless Documentation Practices: Many organizations still maintain both hard and soft copies of documents. This is an unhealthy practice in many ways. In addition to increasing expenditure, it is also causing elevated energy consumption. Reducing paper consumption is one of the first steps towards a green environment. Moreover, the energy consumed for producing paper and printing documents can be reduced when companies decide to keep only soft copies. In this era of cloud computing, hard copies can be done away with. We have been pursuing and promoting paperless documentation practices. A majority of the documents are stored using cloud technology in safe and secure systems.
  • Promote Recycling by Infusing a Habit in the Employees: Moulding the workforce to follow green methods is essential. No organization or company can successfully go ahead with developments in this direction without wholehearted cooperation from the team. Aesthetix has a genuine approach to reducing energy consumption, controlling carbon footprints, and infusing positive habits in the team. We recycle all the items possible instead of throwing them away.
  • Procuring Products from Suppliers With the Same Concept: We are Aesthetix ensure and encourage our suppliers to be more eco-friendly and promote vendors who are involved in green initiatives making way for a more sustainable procurement at our end. 

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Aesthetix management has been determined to maintain an eco-friendly work culture as well as energy consumption methods in all the facilities and offices around the globe. Having an extensive presence in multiple regions, we hope to guide many others through our green practices.

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