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"The backbone of a progressive society lies in its robust transportation system."


Transport is a critical sector of the world today. Airports, roads and railway & metro networks form the basis of travel and movement of individuals and good. Shipping ports are of commercial importance and sustainability to the world. There are several minute systems and applications used in the transportation sector which control and monitor the safe movement from one place to the other. These applications and systems are integrated in a way to constantly communicate with each other in remote locations, all interconnected with a central control room breaking all barriers of physical proximity. Each service application needs to be backed with a reliable communication backbone. Transport operators are looking for cost effective solution, in procurement, maintenance and scaling-up.

Whether your flight, train or cars are running on time or responding to an incident en route, it is essential that your communications network is strong. The right equipment for real time monitoring and management of your system helps to ensure you are ahead of any issues before they become emergencies. At Aesthetix communication solutions can improve the safety of employees, visitors, passengers alike while complying with regulatory requirements.

Ergonomics in the transportation sector has become an essential aspect to upgrade operational efficiency, passenger comfort, safety and health measures all facilitating a human- centred design. The transport sector in particular offers great scope for human-machine interactions in diverse surroundings. With technological advancement the pressure to work in complex environments and perform with precision is the need of the hour. At Aesthetix we understand that Ergonomics & Human factors are essential aspects in the smooth running of the transportation sector.

Control room design solutions is a sophisticated study and essential for several aspects of travel including Vehicle Control, Port Control, fleet management to Traffic Management to name a few. At Aestehtix our sophisticated control room designs are based on an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) that manages everyday operations, reduces congestion and possibilities of accidents, mishaps and emergencies.

Drones are the future of transportation sector. With wide use of drones in military applications, at Aestehtix we are constantly working towards adopting this technology in making transport of human lives and goods as smooth as possible. We have a research centre that is evolving the drone technology at a conceptual level to identify new operational uses of the drone within the transport sector.