Managed Services

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  • Dedicated Spares
  • Repair of Client Spares
  • Routine Remote Monitoring Service
  • Site Maintenance Support
  • Telephone Support Service
  • Telephone Support & Remote Diagnosis
  • Software Support Upgrade and Bug Fix
  • Routine (Preventative) Maintenance
  • Total Outsourced Maintenance
  • Calibration

Managed Services

At Aesthetix we have a team of proficient engineers offering 360 degree engineering maintenance services to our clients. Operational emergencies and unscheduled downtime are detrimental in business and result in costing a small fortune. It is our endeavour to provide responsive services with vast technical know-how and practical experience at a moment’s notice.

We undertake integrated-value solutions; planning, execution, control and monitoring of all tasks associated with the maintenance function from a combined single, trusted source. Observing the highest standards of safety, we are committed to deliver solutions that are sustainable, enhance productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce expenditure.

    Service Credentials

    • Offering standard service agreement with guaranteed deliverables
    • Responsive service with quick delivery of key consumables to any part of the world
    • Expert investigation and consultation leveraging our in-depth knowledge client facilities and of vast experience in operations field
    • Customised services tailored to your timeline and budget