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“ Our Experts gets closest to our customers. So close that they will tell you what you need well before you realize it yourself. "

Design & Detailed Engineering

Good Design Is Art, Good Design Is Aesthetic, Good Design Is Thorough, To The Last Detail

Detailed engineering is one of the many capabilities and deliverables to our clients. Aesthetix’s projects are engineered to cover every aspect related to the project in terms of drawings, design reports and calculations. Each opportunity is assigned to a highly skilled engineering design team comprising of certified experts from each domain. Additionally, to support the design teams, a dedicated CAD/CAM design centre equipped with CAD/CAM software and workstations produce design drawings in accordance to client standards.

In Every Project That We Undertake Our Services Have The Following Credentials :

    • Tailored according to scope guaranteeing quality and delivery – on budget and in time.
    • Judiciously use our industry experience and expertise as the industry's leading provider of technological solution, architecture and civil construction to your project by creating longstanding and healthy relationships.
    • Planning and execution to minimize the risk of costly project and plant design errors
    • Collaborating judiciously with our extensive global supply network for maximising project benefit.