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"Respect the training. Honour the commitment. Cherish the result."

  • Operator training during commissioning
  • Product/operator training
  • Understanding control theory
  • Networks
  • Advanced courses in using and programming our products and systems
  • Operating of Drones and Ergonomics


Training is a critical component in the provision of system installation and helps getting maximum from client investment as well as keeping operations running smoothly. Aesthetix uses industrial best practices while designing, manufacturing and setting up systems. While the commissioning process is underway and even post that a comprehensive training session is conducted within the scope of each program. We have experienced trainers who accomplish all aspects of training from solutions basics to operation & maintenance. They engage the client team particularly the end users in online e-training and hands-on learning modules to manage operations, service, fault tracking, handling and redressal ensuring smooth functioning, sustainability and a holistic hand-over.

    Service Credentials

    • Developing training objectives and learning outcomes to ensure a comprehensive hand-over is done.
    • Creating hard and soft copy training material including manuals and videos
    • Delivering course content in a simplified and systematic manner in English and local language
    • Evaluating effectiveness by conducting practical tests to see transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities
    • Following internally accepted best industry practices
    • Offering 24*7 support 365 days a year