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Our core values:

  1. Safety of goods and services while delivery
  2. Responsible purchases
  3. Working with dependable suppliers and subcontractors
  4. Meeting deadlines
  5. Keeping costs at the bare minimum

Procurement & Logistics

Businesses are facing constant challenges in the form of escalating project costs, labour shortages, fluctuating price and uncertain geopolitical conditions. It needs the support of an experienced Procurement & Logistics partner to smoothen the road ahead.Aesthetix has a dynamic supply chain team that provides customers with global procurement, contracts services and project specific products that are unmatched in the industry. With more than 15 years of service, we have worked along with customers across the globe to help meet project objectives and watch them thrive.

At Aesthetix we know the success of a business depends on how strong its supply chain system is. With a sizeable annual expenditure on procurement and logistic we sustain tricky and intricate projects in remote locations of the world with the support of suppliers from over 50 countries. Aesthetix has a deep reservoir of experience, talent and pool of resources across all businesses that stays committed to clients and responds quickly and effectively to all project requirements.

Our team of professionals are guided by core values; safety of goods and services while delivery, responsible purchases, working with dependable suppliers and subcontractors, meeting deadlines and keeping costs at the bare minimum. Our superior processes, technological and automation tools ensure we meet all commitments made to clients and serve them to the best of out ability. Our procurement and logistics team is responsible for identifying new vendors placed the world over, overlooking orders, inspection and transportations and logistics. Our procurement team holds competitive advantage as it supervises the purchasing of technical goods and services for a specific operation. It holds in-dept knowledge of equipment, materials and supplies used industry and project wise to source the right vendor for the same ensuring superior quality. It studies market intelligence and trends to evaluate suppliers, negotiate purchase agreements, forecast supplies and maintain a judicious inventory.The focus remains to maintain long term mutually beneficial relationships with product vendors and service provides.

    Our Service Credentials

    • Indulging in world class work processes.
    • Having holistic knowledge of global markets, customs, business ethics, and procurement practices that support sourcing from different parts of the world in compliance with all laws and regulations.
    • Maintaining a strong relationship with key manufacturing and contractor vendors to promote collaboration and innovation leading to cost reduction.