Aesthetix Introducing Spynel Camera from HGH for Better Safety with Advanced Intrusion Detection

31-01-2022 Aesthetix

Aesthetix introduces advanced surveillance and security systems, exclusively designed to protect you from imminent threats. Designed to monitor the surroundings, covering an area up to 9 km of range, the Spynel camera systems would give optimal protection 24x7. 

Safety is a growing concern in the present era. The more advanced the security systems are, the more stringent security will be. The Spynel camera is one such step towards advancement and innovation by Aesthetix. Built with the latest Cyclope detection and tracking software, Spynel guarantees excellent security around the clock. It can function extremely well during nighttime and under any adverse weather conditions. The camera can be fixed at any high point and receive timely updates and notifications. Entrust your safety in the hands of Aesthetix, we shall deliver the best measures to protect it.

Features and Advantages of Aesthetix Spynel Camera

Spynel cameras come with several advantages and characteristics which are hard to find anywhere else. From the ability to track multiple targets to unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats, our Spynel camera does an unparalleled job when it comes to security and safety.

  • Equipped with Cyclope, the most advanced automatic tracking software can track unlimited targets on all fields such as land, air and sea. It gives holistic security and advanced protection from all types of threats and intruders.
  • Aesthetix’s Sypnel camera ensures continuous perimeter protection and critical infrastructure protection for FOBs, air and navy bases, oil and gas infrastructures, airports, borders and coasts.
  • Integrated with futuristic IR technology, the camera systems would provide surveillance 24x7, irrespective of the climate or light conditions.
  • The camera systems would cover 360-degree views, detecting and tracking all movements and classifying the moving objects and asymmetric threats.
  • Scalable, robust and innovative Spynel surveillance systems are your best guard during all times

As the years are plunging into more advancements regarding technology, the security industry is also pioneering to provide unparalleled protection and safety. Aesthetix has always been concerned with protection and security and has always dared to include extensive new approaches and technologies. We have notched up the game along with HGH from France to offer a new product to the industry, the Spynel camera that is all set to give you the best security experience.

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