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Compliance does not foster growth, trust does. You cannot sustain long-term growth in a climate of distrust.

No ethic is as ethical as the work ethic.

Ethics & Compliance

    Aesthetix maintains the highest standard of ethics and compliance in all business transactions. It promotes, propagates and adheres to appropriate, ethical, impartial, and fair manner, doing away with the slightest of offensiveness. We always attract clients and stakeholders who share similar values and standards of conduct.

    Our Objective | Our Endeavours

    Fair Opportunity – Our growth lies in the growth of our stakeholders. We offer fair opportunity to all our suppliers, partners and subcontractors for a mutually rewarding and sustainable collaboration that prospers over time.

    Ethical Practices- To enter into honest and fair engagements in accordance with the Global Compact principles and maintaining the highest standard of ethics at all times.

    Employee Commitment- To invest in holistic employee development agenda by creating a platform of growth, self-development and excellence - all prerequisites of a dynamic organisation.

    Transparency- To be lucid and clear with all stakeholders with respect to company financials and build an atmosphere of collaborative information sharing

    Aesthetix Agreements of Good Conduct

    • Learning, respecting and complying with all applicable laws.
    • Promoting good organisational spirit by avoiding unlawful benefit made or received directly or indirectly to any person or self.
    • Maintaining high standards of secrecy of any confidential information whether within or outside the organisation.
    • Creating a strong distinction between organisational roles and personal interests, particularly in their relation with clients, competitors and suppliers.

    Any ethical issue or noncompliance if found to be reported direct to