Home Sector Defense

  • Communications, command and control systems
  • Ergonomically designed command and control centres.
  • Surveillance, Detection and Security using drones


At Aesthetix we are committed to building highly sophisticated and secure defence forces for nations. We offer 360 degree support in engineering, design, supply and implementation for strategic benefit to air, land, naval and joint forces in the following three areas:

Being highly sensitive in nature the communication flow within the defence sector is confidential and top secret. At Aesthetix we offer a comprehensive Command, Control and Communications (C3) solutions to deliver complex and mission critical capabilities for government and military customer needs. We have a team of solution architects and specialist engineers holding expertise in systems and enterprise engineering, IT, software development, communications and networking, electronics, cognitive science and a range of support disciplines to provide the stability, security and support to the defence sector.

Aesthetix offers a holistic range of Human Factors, Ergonomics and Human Reliability services towards design and operation of military assets with the objective of reducing human error and enhancing human performance. Our well-thought of Control Rooms are designed and created to control and monitor critical defence operations within a defined territory. Our control room consoles are ergonomically designed to deliver function and comfort to its user thereby enhancing performance.

We have unparalleled experience in working towards the advancement of military prowess of our clients and keep ahead of latest cutting edge technology. Our engineering team is highly efficient and their skills are constantly upgraded with relevant workshops and global certifications. With each passing day systems and technologies continue to evolve and converge, we are investing a significant amount of resource into pushing the boundaries of machine-learning in support of the defence, security and intelligence.  Today, Aesthetix has achieved a high degree of expertise in consultancy, design, implementation and maintenance of simple to highly complex and fully interoperable and integrated Communication, Audio Visual, Security & Control.