Benefits of Automation in the Mining Sector

27-03-2023 Aesthetix

Automation in general has brought about inherent changes in global industries and the economy. It has made life easier for everything and everyone, and the mining sector is just one of them. The safety and efficacy of mining professionals or workers have been the major advantages that have come into place after inculcating automation in each of the processes in mining.

In this blog, we are trying to further ponder on the different advantages or benefits that automation has brought to the mining industry.

  1. Better Productivity

Employees or workers have demonstrated better and more innate productivity in their work as a result of the adoption of automation in various layers of the mining sector. Machines are now equipped to function around the clock without the need for an employee to supervise them. This means that the automated machines can function without tiring, and they will help generate output by attaining their maximum potential.

Technologies like automated drilling and automated blasting have made significant changes in the overall functioning of the industry.

   2.  Improved Safety

Safety in the workplace is an essential point to cover and an important concern when doing something as dangerous as mining activity. Despite the fact that mining professionals are highly trained, there have been reports of workplace hazards. These situations can be brought under control by utilizing automated machines and other relevant technologies. The hazardous environment in mining will involve situations that require explosions, and with automated trucks and auxiliaries, workers needn’t go close to the site and can operate the trucks and machinery from a safe space far from the site.

   3.  Cost-effective

There are multiple arenas through which the mining industry can imbibe cost-saving opportunities. When downtime is reduced, it can help increase the number of productive hours while also reducing the total time required for the job. The saved hours can be used in other areas and also help speed up the entire process. It leaves the opportunity to save more money and make more returns. As the machines are functioning and there is a relative idea of what can be done if there is downtime, help the business be better prepared and not lose money on the same.

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  4.  Increased efficiency

An industry is said to be functioning efficiently if it can actually make the processes work with fewer resources and generate even less waste. For example, when machines are adapted to a certain mining process, they can precisely determine the amount of material needed for the process and help reduce the unnecessary wastage of resources. There have been reflective statistics that prove that the usage of automated drilling and blasting machinery has been able to provide better drilling accuracy, higher blasting capacity, and higher quality ore extraction. A reduction in energy consumption is another perk that helps with increased efficiency.

   5.  Improved Environmental Impact

Mining activities are said to pollute the environment and harm the ecosystem. When automation is brought into the system, it helps in reducing the amount of energy consumed in different processes, providing better control over the resources, and increasing the availability of machinery that can help reduce the wastage of resources to a great extent. For example, the reduction of manual labour can help reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Automated drilling systems can also be beneficial in reducing the noise caused, which can bring down the noise levels. The amount of water used in mining processes can be controlled, reducing waste from natural resource use. The travel routes can be designated in such a way that they don’t affect the local flora and fauna.

  6.  Improved Data Collection

Automation can help generate various reports that can help with the growth and analysis of the mining sector. For example, the use of sensors in equipment and other areas can help generate an understanding of how they function in real-time, and if there are any issues, they can raise an alert so that the respective supervisor can look into them. Areas of improvement can be identified; they can be optimized, resulting in far less wastage of resources.

  7.  Improved Working Conditions

Automation has been brought in to make the lives of employees far easier than in earlier times. Workers can be retrained for new roles that require less physical labour and provide higher job satisfaction as the demand for human labour decreases.

Furthermore, the use of automated equipment has reduced the need for workers to work long hours in dangerous conditions, resulting in improved work-life balance and mental health.

  8.  Increased Accuracy

Automation can increase process accuracy by orders of magnitude. When drilling processes are automated, they help dig holes with the utmost precision and in the exact location where they should be.

Automation can also be used to monitor and supervise machinery, provide performance reports, and reduce downtime. It will also help in supporting the efficiency of the machinery.

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These are just a few of the advantages that automation can provide to the mining industry, and as technology advances, there will be a much greater acceptance of how the mining environment can change, provide the best possible solutions, and result in high-powered result generation.

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