Why Is Mining Communication Important?

23-09-2022 Aesthetix

Mines are one of the most hazardous working environments. The possibility of unfortunate incidents lurks behind every mine. Quick response and evacuation measures are the only ways to reduce the loss of life. These facts underscore the necessity for a seamless and efficient communication setup in mining.

Designing the communication system as well as installing it properly is crucial. A proven communication service provider, with knowledge and expertise in mining sector communication systems, is of paramount importance.

Communication devices act as the interface between various divisions, ensuring that accurate data is conveyed. Especially when even a minor miscommunication can result in unforeseen incidents. Not only that, the communication system devices and associated components must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, vibrations, and heavy shock.

Things to Consider While Establishing Communication Systems in Mines

A normal communication system provider may not be suitable for designing and installing communication devices in mines. The company must have enough knowledge about the environment and skills to ascertain the exact requirements.

Consider the following while establishing the communication system in the mine:

  • The mining communication system must be tailored according to the design of the mine, the requirements of the client, and the environmental scenario.
  • Redundancy is of the utmost importance to prevent communication failure in the case that any component turns defective.
  • Real-time data transmission, analytics of the scenario, initiation of automated warnings, etc. are to be ensured.
  • Remote diagnostics of the system is necessary since physical examination of the components may not be feasible every time.
  • provision to monitor the system constantly.
  • The sector would become wider and longer as mining progresses. Communication will become more complex than in the initial stage. The communication system must be able to cater to the requirements consistently.

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Why is the Communication in the Mining Sector Important?

Mining communication goes beyond the transfer of messages. It delivers real-time info on my condition, transmits video and voice, helps in analyzing indications, and so on. The applications integrated would aid in the comprehensive assessment of the situation inside throughout. It comprises both fixed and mobile nods for extensive coverage of the mine.

The areas where mine communication provides support include:

  • Supervision and Management of Mines and Mining Activities: Manpower management, material allocation, vehicle allocation, etc. can be undertaken optimally with foolproof mining communication in place.
  • Monitor the mining activities and systems in real-time. With the analytical data available constantly, productivity has improved phenomenally.
  • Reduce production costs by using cost-effective methods, avoiding dangerous activities, and identifying defect-prone segments. Effective communication is essential for keeping the mine operational at all times.
  • Constant availability of comprehensive data is vital for effective decision-making. The management can have an exact idea of the problems being encountered, the necessary corrective measures, and the requirement to institute additional safety features.
  • Quick response during an emergency situation can help avert mishaps, man-made and natural disasters, and shut down mines permanently. Having video feeds available seamlessly, the supervisory team can alert personnel employed and ask for additional aid if required.
  • Security and safety surveillance of the mine and the connected premises is ensured with a proper communication system in place. Explosive storage spaces, mining centres, and sites would need constant surveillance. Thus, the management can prevent any illegal activities. Deterrence is another benefit offered by mining communication.
  • Control who can enter the mine, or specific areas inside the territory. Consequently, this avoids any possibility of sabotage or any illicit activities. This not only helps in preventing unauthorized entry but also identifies the culprits in case of any issues.
  • Communication among the workers is also vital, as the communication between the supervisor and the worker. An effective communication system would maintain an open channel of communication among all the employed personnel.
  • An unexpected explosion is one of the biggest threats inside a mine. The workers can be informed about the position of the explosives and the safety measures to be observed through the communication system. Seamless communication is crucial to avoid any person being missed.
  • Radar scans of the pit walls and mines would indicate movements, which might be indicative of instability. This data can be used for introducing corrections and enhancing safety aspects.
  • Mining management communication software, tailored to suit the requirements of the client, can improve the safety, productivity, and functionality of the mines.

A methodically designed and implemented communication system is a strength of mine. It would be of paramount importance for the safe and productive functioning of the mine.

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