"Changes call for innovation, and innovation
leads to progress."
–Li Keqiang


Innovating our way to an empowering future.

In a short span of 15 years Aesthetix has delivered innovative solutions to real time problems faced by clients in various industries. From designing intricate rail and metro systems to building the largest off-shore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure, Aesthetix has proved its mettle of superior design, out-of-the box thinking and effective problem-solving.

The core of any innovation is the passion to solve a problem.

Aesthetix believes that innovation is first born in the human mind. It allows and encourages its employees to dabble and develop new technology and different possibilities to develop, undertake and build capital projects.

With the internal innovation cell in place along with several collaborations, Aesthetix invests in ideas that show value in improving project execution and implementation, thus benefitting out esteemed clients.We create a common platform that pools together Aesthetix’s creative employee sensibilities and ideas around the world to brainstorm on possible solutions for industry and client challenges.

    Round the clock innovation seen in the following fields

    • Constant endeavours are involved in making project sites safer and more planned.
    • Optimizing project data management allowing employees and workers to use technology and enhance productivity.
    • Constant engagements with renowned technology manufacturers to integrate technology with others to achieve better end results.
    • To be a leader in technology by being the first few companies in the world to introduce and embrace cutting edge technology like drones thereby escalating safety and security measures in several sectors especially the Oil & Gas.