KOC’s JPF-4 to use Telecommunication Systems by Aesthetix

25-04-2023 Aesthetix

The $398 million Jurassic Production Facilities (JPF4) is in progress. Engineering and infrastructure development work is in full swing. A prestigious project under Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), it is located near the Sabriya field near northern Kuwait.The facilities are intended for the testing, processing, and handling of hydrocarbon fluids extracted from the fields.

JPF4 is stated to have a production capacity of 160 million cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas per day. In addition, 50,000 barrels per day (B/D) of light crude oil are planned to be extracted from the oil wells. Aimed at increasing the oil and gas production capacity of the country, JPF4 will raise the overall production capacity of the country to 820 MCF and 2,80,000 BD.

Aesthetix has been chosen for the design, engineering, supply, testing, and commissioning of Telecommunication systems. An established entity in the field of telecom system integration and other advanced engineering services, Aesthetix has been serving notable clientele across the globe. It has been a moment of sheer pride for Aesthetix when the team was awarded the contract for the subject tasks. The inclusion of Aesthetix in JPF4 can be considered an accolade for the consistent quality and performance of the entity.
A prominent project, part of the Jurassic Basin Development located in northern Kuwait under KOC, Aesthetix’s involvement is sure to enhance the communication and control systems of the facility. Choosing Aesthetix for the telecom system integration and the comprehensive works associated with that state shows how efficient the firm has been.

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