KOC Project Of Visual Flame Detection Systems

17-12-2022 Aesthetix

Aesthetix proudly announces the successful completion of their earmarked project of deploying a CCTV visual flame detection system for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) pipeline from NTF to North Pier. Aesthetix used their expertise to provide the most efficient and effective solution for the project. The project scope involved complex redundancy requirements, alarm management, and analog 0–20 mA signals through a fiber optic network. Constructive changes were brought about by changing the monitoring system and adapting better industrial switch configuration systems. The project scope also included integrating signal transfer to RTU and providing an adequate DC power supply suitable for hazardous environments.

Aesthetix, being pioneers in providing effective VFD solutions, elaborated the scope of the project by being involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly (integration), FAT, supervision of erection, performing site acceptance tests (SAT), and commissioning of the visual flame detection system, along with the required interface (network) components for the optical fiber communication system (OFCS) and hazardous area DC power supply systems.

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