Control Room of ADCO at ZERO Downtime

20-12-2018 Aesthetix

Aesthetix successfully revamped the existing control room of ADCO at ZERO Downtime.

20th December, 2018, After several advanced studies and expert opinions, knowing the risks involved, it was decided that experts from Aesthetix will take up the complete responsibility of revamping the existing control room at Dabbiyah facility.

While, the entire control room was operational, Aesthetix along with support from Tecnimont, Italy executed the complete revamp at ZERO DOWNTIME and no shutdown. Scope extended to replacement of raised flooring systems, wall panelling, partitions, audio visual components, furnitures, lights, reflected ceiling, lighting controls, HVAC, glass works etc. on a turnkey basis. The overall result was highly appreciated by the end users and Tecnimont.

“ Disbelief seen at the eyes of stakeholders after execution is still a moment to cherish. It was a clear case of under promise and over deliver from the Aesthetix team” Says Subeesh Subair, Interface Manager of Aesthetix.

ADCO : ADNOC Onshore works onshore and in shalow coastal water. It is previously known as Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations, ADCO. ADNOC Onshore operates primarily in Abu Dhabi. The company was originaly known as Petroleum Development (Trucial Coast).

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