Fatigue & Stress Management Study for HQ and Sites

17-01-2022 Aesthetix

Aesthetix, the world leader in innovation and technological solutions, has been awarded a contract to conduct a Fatigue and Stress Management Study by ADNOC Gas Processing for their employees. The contract was awarded on 22nd August 2021 for a comprehensive coverage of all employees working in the headquarters as well as sites of ADNOC Gas Processing.

Companies around the world have begun to realise the detrimental role stress and fatigue plays in employee productivity. This has prompted ADNOC Gas Processing to tap into their employees’ psyche to see whether work has been affecting them and the extent of fatigue and stress in their day to day work life. They have roped in Aesthetix Global, one of the largest and prominent names in innovative technological and workplace solutions to conduct a fatigue and stress management study.

The study aims to cover a wide spectrum of issues related to fatigue and stress in the workplace, including but not limited to work environment review, fatigue management training, gap analysis and fatigue management system audit. The study also aims to provide recommendations and solutions, including the capability to provide fatigue management software systems to ensure that the fatigue risks are controlled at a level which is As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

Aesthetix has also been roped in to undertake stress management study at ADNOC, which can help determine stress risk at work, review the existing systems of managing psychosocial hazards and suggestions on how to improve the said factors. Both these studies can prove to be highly informative about the working conditions and in identifying the stress contributing factors in a workplace.

ADNOC has stated that they plan to make use of this study in improving their employee morale, boost productivity, provide better working conditions and enhance overall quality of life at the workplace. 

Aesthetix Global has joined hands with industry-leading consultants 24alife (a joint venture of Mayo Clinic & Mikropis) and Circadian in conducting the study.

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