Aesthetix employs various technologies based on the customer requirements and technical feasibility to design, engineer and integrate the Telecommunication backbone used for transporting various services.


    Optical Transmission

    As a leader in the fixed network field, Aesthetix supports comprehensive business innovation through a full suite of network transport products; Converged Packet Optical Transport System, Backbone DWDM Systems, Metro WDM Systems and Packet Transport.

    Voice Over IP Solutions

    Providing accurate and efficient communication in both centralized locations as well as to remote distribution sites, to mobile distribution and logistics, Aesthetix provides a number of relevant solutions in VoIP.

    Wireless Transport

    Aesthetix offers market proven radio link network solutions in more than 160 countries around the world as part of ensuring stable, flexible and high performance networks.

    Security Solutions & CCTV

    We offer the most reliable of security cameras, video recorders (DVR, NVR, Hybrid), surveillance systems, CCTVs that provide real-time footage with high quality defined imagery from any part of the world. We supply security products to the government, businesses, industries and oil and gas refineries.

    Access Control System

    At Aesthetix we custom design the most sophisticated Access Control System ensuring most efficient ways to not only prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your premises, but also managing employee access. Our ACS is used in several sectors where security is of prominence including Oil & Gas, Defence, Transportation & Energy.

    Public Address System

    Transit centres at metro stations, airports, oil refineries are rather noisy and not designed for optimal acoustics. Aesthetix creates sophisticated public address systems that offer intelligibility, clarity, stability, linearity and uniform sound coverage.

    Radio Communication System

    Aesthetix’s radio communication systems are based on a TETRA solution that is dependable and effective to operate. In transportation sector it allows the operator in the control room to communicate the delay via loudspeakers or information screens. In emergency situations, threat, violence, sudden illness or collapse, personnel simply press a red alarm button on the radio to call for immediate assistance.

    Central Clock Systems

    Aesthetix provides a central control of all clocks used in public transport applications and synchronization for electronical systems. Our system comprises of a GPS-based central clock unit and analog and digital clocks connected to it that are synchronised to electronic systems such as Emergency Announcement, CCTV and Passenger Information.