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Project Management

At Aesthetix we have highly experienced and certified Project management team, disciplined with the key principles of planning, organising, securing, managing, leading and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and serves clients with standards that describe good practices, globally recognised. Project Managers approach relevant projects with lean, iterative, incremental, and phased approach. They handle both internal and external project scheduling, budgeting, and coordination using a wide range of software and PM applications.

Our project management experience covers all types of services and contracts, ranging from project management consultancy services to lump sum turnkey contracts as well as all types of contractual relationships.
Key to our successful track record is our approach to project management, which comes into play even before the contract has been won, during the bidding phase.
•Aesthetix is very selective in the projects it bids for. Each project is evaluated and selected on its own merits.
•Once a project has been awarded, the Projects Manager has full authority and is the single point of accountability during all phases of the project.
•Projects are monitored closely by Senior Management through monthly project reviews.


Working with us means getting into a relationship with a professional and supportive partner, who delivers with global and local know-how, and pursues continuous improvement.