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Specialized Systems

We care about the finer bits too...

Our engineering, integration, testing and deployment expertise within an overall telecom package includes certain specialized system. Most of these are utilized for offshore platforms where information and assessment of data pertaining to Weather (Environmental Monitoring) like temperature, humidity, pressure, tidal information, etc is critical to take effective decisions. This is complimented by alerting systems including Non Directional Beacon (NDB); Radio Beacons (EPIRB), Search & Rescue Transponder (SART), etc. Finally, due to the critical nature of the facility, various subsystems may have to be interfaced with one another and timing has to be accurately maintained vide a Master Clock System.

Our offerings includes:

  • Weather Monitoring
  •  NDB
  •  Master Clock System


Aesthetix employs various technologies based on the customer requirements and technical feasibility to design, engineer and integrate the Telecommunication backbone used for transporting various services.