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We will protect you...

Within the Infrastructure of the End User, be it a plant, pipeline, offshore platform or just a storage facility, the safety of personnel within the facility cannot be taken lightly. Various technologies are employed to alert personnel of possible danger and to take necessary steps avoiding incidents and in worst cases, injuries and fatalities. Aesthetix expertise in assessing the manned areas of a plant, hazardous classification, coverage studies gives way to a robust, fool proof safety system in place, be it, alerting personnel via a Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) System or communicating via a PABX/ Hotline/ Intercom/ Paging system. We take care of the interfaces that may be required from other primary detection systems like Fire and Gas (F&G); PLDS, Visual Flame Detection System to name an few. Integration of the safety systems with each other and with other security systems like CCTV or Access Control are also engineered as per the client needs and industry best practices.

Our offerings include:

  •  PAGA System
  •  PABX System
  •  Intercom and Paging System


Aesthetix employs various technologies based on the customer requirements and technical feasibility to design, engineer and integrate the Telecommunication backbone used for transporting various services.