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We keep you healthy & focussed...

For any facility, the Control Room is considered as the heart and the operators of a control room ensure the smooth functioning of a plant. To overcome any unforeseen events which could turn out be costly, it is of great importance that the operators remains alert. Ergonomics is focused on maintaining the alertness and avoidance of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) to operators whilst undertaking tasks. This study involves review and recommendations of Control Rooms layout, Console Layout, Display locations, Lighting Layouts, Environmental factors besides others based on ISO standards as detailed below:

  •  ISO 11064-1:2000 Principles for the design of control centers
  •  ISO 11064-2:2000 Principles for the arrangement of control suites
  • ISO 11064-3:1999 Control room layout
  •  ISO 11064-4:2004 Layout and dimensions of workstations
  •  ISO 11064-5:2008 Displays and controls
  •  ISO 11064-6:2005 Environmental requirements for control centers
  •  ISO 11064-7:2006 Principles for the evaluation of control centers
  •  ISO 9241 Ergonomics of Human System Interaction
  • Other Standards like Shell DEP, BP, etc.

Based on the initial inputs from the client, Aesthetix conducts design workshop involving the operators, supervisors, other stake holders to conduct task, functional and adjacency analysis and provides assessment report and best fit design for the Client for his control room. The design takes care of all the above mentioned principals and standards and is aesthetically appealing.


Aesthetix employs various technologies based on the customer requirements and technical feasibility to design, engineer and integrate the Telecommunication backbone used for transporting various services.