Aesthetix To Be Part Of The Prestigious Haliba Oil Project

17-04-2023 Aesthetix

Haliba oil field, located in the southeast of Abu Dhabi, is being developed to enhance production. Owned by Al Dhafra Petroleum, a consortium of ADNOC, Korea National Oil Corporation, and Gas Energy, the project is progressing at full stream.

Aesthetix has been selected for architectural services and ergonomics studies, for the design and construction of control buildings, administrative buildings, maintenance workshops, guard houses, substations, and local equipment rooms. The engineering services for TETRA, CCTV, and PAGA coverage would also be provided by Aesthetix.

Selection of Aesthetix from several contenders has been a matter of pride indeed. A project of such phenomenal size necessitates a proven and highly capable entity to support it. The design aspects, development plans, and construction prospects have to be foolproof to ensure the safe and productive functioning of the project.

Through this second phase of expansion, the production will reach 60,000 barrels per day. The oil export to South Korea has been continuing since the completion of the first phase way back in 2019.

Only proven firms with a remarkable record of accomplishment have been chosen for the project. Along with Aesthetix, renowned companies like SNC-Lavlin and L&T are also associated with Haliba Phase 2.

The crude oil from Haliba’s centralized collection facility is pumped to ADNOC’s processing centre, 65 km away. The onshore Asab central degassing centre of ADNOC could process the oil for further shipment to consumer nations like South Korea. The work involved in Haliba Phase 2 is going to be massive with the intricate design structure of the oil field.

The processed and stabilized crude oil is shipped to ADNOC’s main oil lines at the marine terminal for export. Haliba is expected to become the main production hub for Al Dhafra Petroleum.

Taking over the responsibility for the successful conclusion of architectural services and ergonomic studies for such a gigantic project, Aesthetix has underscored the capability and efficiency of the team. The professionals at the firm have been enthusiastic about the design aspects of various buildings at Haliba Phase 2, the formulation of methodology for provisioning engineering services for TETRA, CCTV, and PAGA for the project, and finalizing the way forward.

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