Drones - Security & Inspection

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  • Derrick, topside, Under Hull (for semi-submersible, jack-ups, platform rigs) inspections and infrared surveys
  • Coatings surveys
  • Damage assessments
  • Leak detection
  • Flare boom inspection
  • Flaring operations monitoring
  • Drone pipeline inspections
  • UAV pipeline surveys (for existing and potential route for new installations)
  • Stack Inspections and survey
  • Splash Zone monitoring for operations

Drones - Security & Inspection

Aesthetix offers highly sophisticated Oil & Gas, GIS and Electro Utilities software solution for inspection and health verification of offshore and onshore and assets, including flares, chimneys, cooling towers, risers and the complete site. We provide a cloud-based technology that allows everyone on the site team to access actual and real time visual data of the asset that can be compared, tracked and monitored at any historical point of time. This ensures that any defect or deviation in health can be identified and attended to in time.

Our drone services are end to end including data hosting, inspection analysis and asset management which can be obtained in part or in totality. Our reporting system is comprehensive and all report are obtained on a bolt-to bolt basis. Results are created in standard PDF inspection report format and our sophisticated integrity management software allows you to host, view and scrutinise visual data in the cloud format.

At Aesthetix Our Drone Service Conducts The Following Inspections And Surveys

  • Oil rig and platform – We use drones to inspect the health of substructure and top structure of platform or rig. We identify any possible damage or corrosion to the asset by providing structural integrity and visual and infrared photography. Our proficient pilots can manoeuvre the drone to remote locations and conduct close visual inspections (CVI) of areas such as the splashzone, underdeck or risers.
  • Flaring operations and flare boom – Aesthetix has competed over 300 visual and thermal flare inspections at onshore and offshore locations. Our drone technology is conceived and created in a way that flare inspections are conducted while they are live. With no constraint to shut down to the running flare we ensure big ticket savings to our clients per inspection. This has greatly reduced the health hazard and risk of sending personnel to undertake such inspections.
  • Drone pipeline – Our expert pilots inspect the pipeline for structural integrity, damage, corrosion, leak detection, security and maintenance issues. We also identify new pipeline locations through terrain surveys for possible pipeline locations.
  • Onshore oil and gas plant – Aesthetix also conducts a 360 degree inspection and survey of of the production and process facilities including piping, tankage, storage, perimeter security, perimeter monitoring for maintenance purposes. Leakage monitoring including corrosion and maintenance issues.
  • Onshore Oil & Gas Tank – With the help of a drone Aesthetix can effortlessly provide comprehensive internal and external tank integrity data by cutting time, effort and danger attached to traditionally obtaining this same information. We offer a holistic solution to UT testing which are API-653 and EEMUA-159 compliant. The 360 degree images and visual data of the outside and inside of the tank obtained from the drone can also be hosted as a cloud-based digital inspection report, allowing the maintenance teams to take the necessary course of action.
  • GIS - GIS stands for “geographical information system.” A GIS is a computer program that can capture, store, organize and display data related to specific parts of the Earth’s surface. Such programs can show multiple types of data at once on the same map allowing scientists, historians and others to see patterns that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Our Drone technology facilitates GIS mapping to recognize and analyze geographical relationships, and we can use such information to formulate foolproof plans.