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We excel in engineering, design, supply and implementation for air, land, naval and joint forces with an unrivalled depth of capability in the following three areas:

  • Communications,command and control systems
  • Ergonomically designed command and control centres. 
  • Surveillance, detection and intelligence systems           

The overarching goal of our defense solutions is to simplify and harmonize joint operations. We specialize in interoperable systems that make missions more efficient and help our customers get the most value out of their investment. Allowing our systems to interact seamlessly with others means that our customers have the upper hand when it comes to decision-making.

Our Industry experience ensures all new and proven technological developments and market trends are fully understood and exploited by our engineering team. We take special care to ascertain our technical skills and experiences are constantly upgraded with relevant workshops and certifications. As more systems and technologies continue to evolve and converge, Aesthetix has developed a high level of expertise in consultancy, design, implementation and maintenance of simple to highly complex and fully interoperable and integrated Communication, Audio Visual, Security & Control systems.

The command centre operators performs a particularly demanding role in monitoring increasingly complex automated systems, where the consequence of error is potentially devastating. Command centre ergonomics are therefore optimized to minimize the risk of human error. The design of the command centre is seamlessly integrated from the outset. Whether part of a new building or the upgrade of an existing structure, the major factors like suitability of the structure, arrangement of functions and activities, display  & equipment arrangements are devised from a functional and role analysis to arrive at the best architecture of a command centre which is fit for purpose. 

Aesthetix consultants, engineers, ergonomists, technicians, trainers and other personnel offer clients decades of professional industry experience to protect your assets. People of Aesthetix are committed to offering smart and innovative solutions to all major assets of the world.



Aesthetix employs various technologies based on the customer requirements and technical feasibility to design, engineer and integrate the Telecommunication backbone used for transporting various services.